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Flower : Anthemis Punctata Cupaniana

Best Love Flowers Anthemis
Punctata Cupaniana

Best Love Flowers Anthemis Punctata Cupaniana

Light : Sun

Soil : Well drained

Will Bloom In : Summer

Protect Below : 4c(39f)

Description : A marvelous foliage and flowering
subshrub, suitable for a pink, blue, silver, or white bed.
The foliage is a frizz of cut, silver grey leaves, with
the flowers held above them on long stalks.

Propagate : Enjoys full sun and is not fussy about soil
as long as it's not waterlogged. Cut of the spent
first flush of flowers to tidy the plant and
encourage more blooms, Propagate from
cuttings or seed.

Size : 1 1/2ft x 3ft (45cm x 90cm)

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